Everyday Ethics

Ethics is a hot button issue. Unfortunately we too often use an ethic’s filter to judge other people’s behaviour. The media sometimes confuses ethics with laws or rules and regulations.  When “ethics” is co-opted by religious groups – as in Christian values – it distracts from the real difficulty of leading an ethical life.

There are no simple answers. Ethical thinking can be hard. But like any difficult task it is easier when you train and practice. Everyday Ethics examines the types of problems we often encounter and deal with. They are not life threatening. Sometimes we recognize the “ethics” in the problem. Other times we only feel the pain that comes from not knowing the absolute best solution. Other times we resolve the issue with nary a pause. Using an ethic’s filter to examine our own actions builds character and confidence.

To explore everyday ethical issues presented as an “advice column” please select Everyday Ethics from the category list to the right.

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