The Devil Made Me Do It

good_vs_evil_warfare_400_clr_6236Let’s assume for a moment that there is a Supreme Being. Let’s call this entity IT – not to be confused with Stephen King’s novel about a sewer dwelling evil clown named Pennywise.

According to the story,  IT decided to confer the Truth on one person. Put aside for a moment your curiosity as to why IT as Supreme Being didn’t simply tell everyone. (The rumor is that most people couldn’t handle the Truth.) In any event, IT decided to share the secret with the chosen one – henceforth referred to as CO. (Feel free to substitute your favourite variation about the CO.) Continue reading “The Devil Made Me Do It”

Customer service anyone?

boss_looking_over_work_1600_clrIf you think you are not in customer service you might want to think again. Whatever  you do – you do for someone. And that person is your customer. We get so caught up in what we do –clean sewers, enter data into a system, reconcile accounts, make widgets – that we forget that there is a reason for doing it. If you have completely lost sight of why you do what you do, you have my sympathy. But maybe this article will help you find a reason for going to work every day.

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Try the Guacomole

I have always thought that if you cannot explain something to someone else – it means that you don’t really understand it. I remember listening to Stephen Hawking explain black holes in a way that allowed me to grasp the basic premise of the concept. It is, I think, important to be able to distill complex ideas in such a way as to retain the core elements. This allows others to begin their own exploration of the topic.

Please note that I do not attempt to explain black holes to others. I know that my simple mind does not begin to comprehend the enormity of the phenomena. I know only enough to allow me to watch shows on Nova (or episodes of Star Trek) without complete bewilderment.

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