Time to get a job?

Given that I was a professor at both the college and university, my students were surprised when I did not always encourage further study after graduation. Sometimes I would say: “You’re ready. Get on with the rest of your life.”  Continue reading “Time to get a job?”



ARROW_HA few years ago I made an observation. Feel free to disagree with me. My observations are often not very scientific and sometimes dead wrong but I suspect this one might ring a bell with you.

The catalyst for this observation was a series of classes in which students were reluctant to share their answers to homework questions. I started paying attention. The more concrete the question, the greater the reluctance. These were the types of questions which you could look up or calculate. You would think that these would be the easiest – or at least that is what I thought. After all, you are either right, or you’re wrong. How bad can that be?

But I’d forgotten that today’s students have little tolerance for being wrong.

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